New! 20pcs/set Hot stone SE pendant set Beauty Salon SPA with heater bag

New! 20pcs/set Hot stone SE pendant set Beauty Salon SPA with heater bag


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this heater bag is 220VUsage:only can plug in 25 minutes then have to cut off the powerSIZE: 6pcs size: 6*6cm 6PCS size:5*6cm8 pcs little toe stone black & Pure Natural Energy stonespa product SPA

1.100% natural lava,no radiation
2.natural color:black
3.Body Massager
4.body massager spa

5.SPA equipment. product

7. foot spa

Our Hot Stone Sets include real basalt stones which are the most recommended type of stone to be used in hot stone therapy. Our Hot Stones\' high-ferruginous component, non-porous, smooth texture, combined with their high heat retaining qualities, makes them the ideal choice for therapists.

Why Basalt?

Basalt is a kind of mineral of which the color is gray. It is the most recommended type of volcanic stone to use in hot stone therapy, because of the non-porous, smooth texture, combined with their high heat retaining qualities. Basalt retains the heat for up to 45 minutes in the larger stones. Their high ferruginous components will improve blood flow and relax your muscles. This makes them the preferred choice for therapists.

Benefits and effects of Hot Stone Therapy:

  • Increases circulation, facilitating maximum blood for optimum body functioning.
  • Vaso-dilation of blood vessels causing and increase in blood flow around the body; providing the important fuel to keep the body functioning at total efficiency.
  • Increases cell metabolism; thereby increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins.
  • Increase lymphatic function, thereby increasing detoxification, cleansing and elimination.
  • Deep relaxation of muscles, helping to alleviate stress and tension.
  • Creates a feeling of balance and harmony.
  • Gives the client a deeper and longer lasting sense of relaxation.

Contra-indications and Cautions:

The Contra-indications with hot stone therapy are much the same as with traditional manual massage, except that there is the additional consideration of heat. Therefore, be cautious with clients with high blood pressure and circulatory disorders, heart conditions & or pregnancy. Hot stone therapy treatment would naturally be inappropriate with for clients with skin which is intolerant to heat, or very sensitive skin/skin prone to prickly heat/clients with nerve damage/loss of tactile sensation.

Preparation for Hot Stone Therapy:

  1. Follow Manufacturer\'s instructions on heating the stones prior to a treatment(most heaters take 30-45 minutes to reach desired temperature)
  2. The stones should be within the temperature range of 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit (47-~50 degrees centigrade)
    Cleansing of the Stones:
  3. After each client, rinse all the stones thoroughly under cold running water. Then wash with warm soapy water. Spray the stones with an antibacterial spray.
  4. At the end the day soak stones in water and sea salt for 20 minutes.
  5. Dry the stones and re-oil with them with natural oil such as almond oil.
  6. Cleanse and store stones separately in a small box or container

Helpful Hints When Using the Stones

  • Always use stones slightly wet and well oiled (But not dripping)
  • Make sure the client\'s skin is well lubricated with the selected oil with aromatic formula for the client\'s skin type
  • Turn the stones often during use so the warmth is diffused equally
  • Avoid clicking the stones together.
  • To remove stones from heater avoid using a metal spoon (the noise will distract your client from relaxation)
  • Always rinse off stones and your hands in between clients.

After Care

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Follow a healthy, light diet following treatment.
  • Avoid Heat treatments of hot baths directly after.
  • Allow a suitable period of time for the body to rest and re-balance.
  • Allow oils to soak into the body before showering and your skin will love you for it.
  • Have a regular treatment.