GTFDR 11.1V 6000mAh 50C 100C 3S RC Lipo Battery For Quadcopter Helicopter Traxxas Car axial scx-10 ii F450 Xmaxx Quadcopter 500

GTFDR 11.1V 6000mAh 50C 100C 3S RC Lipo Battery For Quadcopter Helicopter Traxxas Car axial scx-10 ii F450 Xmaxx Quadcopter 500


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GTFDR 11.1V 6000mAh 50C 100C 3S RC Lipo Battery For Quadcopter Helicopter Traxxas Car axial scx-10 ii F450 Xmaxx Quadcopter 500


GTFDR is one battery brand of Shenzhen SKT Technology Co., Ltd Company founded in 2016, is a leading manufacturer of RC LiPo Battery based on Shenzhen China.GTFDR Batteries offer an excellent value by providing factory direct pricing and quality that meets or exceeds that of other major battery manufacturers. All of GTFDR batteries comply with RoHS and CE quality testing standards.GTFDR only use Grade A cell. GTFDR which is the Fans hobbyking town. GTFDR will support you ultimate experience service.


Brand GTFDR Battery
Capacity 6000mAh
Continuous discharge rate 50C(300A)
Burst Rate 100C(600A)
Voltage per cell 3.7V
Max voltage per cell 4.2V
Voltage per pack 11.1V
Max voltage per pack 12.6V
Cells 3S1P
Suggest charge rate 1C
Silicone wire 10awg
Plug .
Size 135*43*34mm (±0-3mm)
Weight 445 ± 2g
Packing list 1pcs x 100% new 11.1V 6000mah 50C Battery
Certificate CE,ROHS,MSDS,UN38.3

About Battery Capacity:

We test 100pcs Lipo Battery cell from 2.8V->4.2V with profession Device ,the average Capacity is :6400mah.

We test 100Pcs lipo battery cell from 4.2V->2.8V with profession Device ,the average Capacity is :6300mah.

We hope our professionalism will provide you with the ultimate experience Service.

Easy way to check your lipo battery Capacity of currently status :

3.70V----10% 3.56V----5% 2.75V----0%

To avoid improper usage of the product, please read the following carefully

About Lipo Battery Use Method:

1. Before using it, please full charge it with specific lipo balance charger; 2. Charge lipo battery no more than 4.20V per cell. As for battery pack in series, Please choose balance charging mode or charge each cell respectively; 3. Charging temperature must range in 15-35 Celsius, reverse charging is prohibited; 4. The voltage difference between any two cells should be in 0.03V, or charge is advised to balance the voltages before usage; 5. Please make sure the cut-off voltage is not lower than 3.4V, we highly recommend not lower than 3.6V; 6. Never discharge battery with current over the designed maximum continuous discharging current. After over current discharge, the performance will be deteriorated and cycle life will be shortened, causing overheating and even welling ,breakage, internal short-circuited etc; 7. If the surface temperature exceeds 65 Celsius while functioning, the battery should be suspended using until it cool down to ambient temperature naturally. Higher temperature may result int battery swelling and performance; 8. Do regularly charge discharge for maintenance(about 1-3 times every 3 months),battery must stored at about 3.85v/cell; 9. Do store battery at a place with low-humidity and free from corrosive gas within the temperature ranged from -20 Celsius to +40 Celsius ; 10. Under any circumstances dis-assembly of battery is prohibited.

About Shipment:

1. We will send the items within 2-5 days (working days, not include holiday seasons after the payment being confirmed by the platform); 2. The shipment by International Post Registered Air mail for less 2kg goods in 15-25 working days for Asia, Europe, Middle east and North America. For South America and Africa is a little slowly for custom clearance reason(around 25-60 days).If you need the goods urgently, please contract us before order, we will calculate the express shipping fee for you; 3. When you received the package, open the goods package first before accept the product. We recommend the buyer to do some video during open the package; 4. If you have not get the package within the shipping time. Please contract us without hesitation. We will check it for you with the post office and customs.

One more notes:

Before use and after use ,must check the voltage. If the voltage is less than 3.6V,the Lipo Battery must charge around 3.85V. Other case, your lipo battery will destroy.