2018 Newest Flyingbear Shine UV Resin DLP 3D Printer Color Touch Screen 2560*1440 LCD High Precision SLA WiFi Plus Size

2018 Newest Flyingbear Shine UV Resin DLP 3D Printer Color Touch Screen  2560*1440 LCD High Precision SLA WiFi Plus Size


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Quality is the most important

Flyingbear-Shine UV resin 3d Printer 2K Lcd ball screw high precision

Print Show:https://i0.wp.com/www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqlKFcZjdGk&index=2&list=PLBySo3_ol6kQTTUJXYOiw2e21zBpZYIXB

  • Printer adopts ball screw to make printing environment more stable.

  • Printer adopts 2208 motor dirvers to make the operation process smooth and quiet.

  • Printer can connect to WiFi, and it is more convenient to print with wifi

  • Printer adopts 4.3 inch color touch screen, larger screen to make operation more convenient and simpl

  • Printer adopts 2K LCD, with resolution up to 2550*1440, greatly improving printing quality.

  • The printing platform adopts ball head bolt structure to make leveling easier and faster.

  • The resin vat adopts eyebolt structure to make the disassembly of the to be convenient and quick.

  • Printer adapts 72W,24V power supply, so that the printer can be maintained for longer printing time.

  • Printer adapts 30W UV light to provide a more stable and durable light source.

  • The printer apply two cooling fans to adjust the temperature of the ultraviolet lamp and the internal temperature of the printer.

  • Printer has a larger print volume of 120*68*210mm .

  • Free gifts such as latex gloves, fep film, plastic shovel,resin etc.

  • Print size:120*68*210mm

  • Printer szie:203*175*415(L*W*H)

  • Connectivity: WiFi,U-disk

  • Layer resolution : 0.025 ~ 0.100mm

  • Z axis resolution : 0.00125MM

  • XY DPI : 0.047mm (2560*1440)

  • Light-source : 405nm UV integrated light

  • Technique: LCD Shadow Masking

  • Printing speed : 30mm/h

  • Printing material :405nm uv resin

  • Slice software : FLYINGBEAR-Shine slicer´╝îCreation workshop

  • Screen : 4.3-inch touch screen

  • Machine weight: 10kg


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